The first in a series of machinima for the Virtual Art Initiative documenting a collaborative exploration of the fundamental dimensions that make the art of virtual worlds a unique aesthetic medium.

4Jetpacks4 was an immersive interactive story telling performance in Second Life by Bryn Oh, Glyph Graves, and Nonnatus Korhonen, that explored the first dimension - immersion.

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"A group of avatars is brought on a tour of a research facility. An unfortunate event results in the arrival of a tornado. The group must flee back to retrieve a jetpack in order to escape."


Project Leader - Bryn Oh
Curator - Georg Janick
Machinima - Evo Szuyuan
Visual Art - Bryn Oh, Glyph Graves and Nonnatus Korhonen
Tornado - Tryptofaa Sands
Location - Caerleon Island in Second Life
Music - Vera Lynn, Biosphere and ISAN

Bryn Oh
Glyph Graves
Nonnatus Korhonen

Alpha Auer
Bettina Tizzy
Chimera Cosmos
Hamlet Au
Larry Pixel
Max Newbold
Tayzia Abattoir